GWR A26 Autotrailer number W212W

This is a Blacksmith kit with added detail.

The 7' American bogies are Blacksmith, with their compensation mechanism.

There was one daily auto working, passing e.c.s to West Kirby at 06:50, returning at 07:23 to Birkenhead Woodside.

The A26 autotrailers were originally built as steam railmotors.  What is the guard's compartment (at the far end in the photgraph) originally had a powered bogie with a vertical boiler.  W212W was built as railmotor no. 93 in 1908, and coverted to an autotrailer in May 1935.

The original W212W is preserved by the Great Western Society and has been converted back to steam railmotor 93, with much of the work being undertaken by the Llangollen Railway.  Further details can be found at the GWR Steam Railmotor and Trailer Project