BR Standard 2MT 84003

These locos were introduced on the branch about 2 months before the end of the passenger service.  There are a couple of published photos of 84001 at West Kirby with LMS coaches, but I will have to assume that it is a push-pull service.  In support of this, some trains to Helsby were operated in this way around and after that time.

84003 had been transferred to Birkenhead by 11/08/1956 so had just over a month to have the opportunity to work a West Kirby passenger train.  We know it worked on the line afterwards as it was involved in the collision at Thurstaston in 1957.

I have bought a DJH kit for this class, but had the opportunity to buy this model secondhand.  It was professionally built by Steamline Sheffield, but to EM gauge.  I've bought a Comet chassis kit as a replacement chassis, and with a bit of work on the body, including renumbering and an earlier totem,  it should be a fairly quick build.